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Schoolkidz.com Launches MySchoolSupplyList.com to Grow E-Commerce and Direct to Consumer Sales

The New Kitsforkidz.org and TeacherTailored web portals allow improved ordering and self service.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 29, 2019
Schoolkidz.com has launched a new website look and feel for both its flagship TeacherTailored and KitsforKidz.org units. KitsforKidz has also launched its self-service ordering portal.

SchoolKidz.com operates its KitsforKids.com program to serve non-profit organizations. Organizations select KitsforKidz to provide essential goods for both educational and humanitarian purposes. During some of the recent natural disasters, SchoolKidz provisioned thousands of kits to those in need. SchoolKidz also operates the Teachertailored.com school supply kitting business, which serves thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of students.

Schoolkidz has made a significant investment in adding more digital capabilities to our ecommerce businesses. By refreshing the look and feel of these order entry portals, adding training videos, and upgrading our websites, we are able to more efficiently serve our thousands of school, PTO, and non-profit customers. SchoolKidz also has an active Facebook and Instagram social media presence.

SchoolKidz works with 7Marketing Media and Hitachi to help us deploy these improved digital capabilities.

KitsforKidz has delivered over 2 million kits including school supplies, hygiene kits, disaster kits, baby kits to those in need. KitsforKidz partners with some of the countries leading non-profits including FirstBook, Feed the Children, and WorldVision.

The launch of this new portal will make it easier for charities to place their orders, so that they can more easily provide the essential kits to the needy.
Rick Bigelow, Senior Vice President at Skyview Capital and Executive Chairman of Schoolkidz.com, said “We are committed to adding more capabilities and enhance the value for all of our customers. Schoolkidz has invested in additional sales, marketing, and technology resources to grow the KitsforKidz brand.”

Matt Thompson, SVP at Skyview says, “We are very pleased to see how the SchoolKidz team was able to improve the capabilities of our digital presence. Today, our customers want to connect with us on mobile, online, and more traditional tools.”

“We are excited to launch the new ordering portal for KFK. This allows us to serve our charity customers 24/7,” said Jim Mulder, SchoolKidz President.

Steve Farrow, KitsforKidz business manager, says “This new technology platform will facilitate the ordering process for our hundreds of charity partners. This is part of our KitsforKidz digital initiatives which include eBooks, online videos, and this online ordering portal.”

Jenelle Farley Teacher Tailored business manager, says “Our new shopttkits.com website is improving and simplifying the customer ordering experience.”

About Skyview Capital, LLC
Skyview Capital, LLC is a global private investment firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California, which specializes in the acquisition and management of mission critical enterprises in the areas of technology, telecommunications, business services and niche manufacturing. By leveraging its operational capabilities and financial acumen, Skyview systematically enhances the long-term sustainable value of the businesses it acquires. The Los Angeles Business Journal recently recognized Skyview as one of the top 25 private equity firms in Los Angeles. To date, Skyview has successfully completed over 28 transactions within its target market verticals. For further information, please visit http://www.skyviewcapital.com

About SchoolKidz

SchoolKidz.com provides kitting solutions for elementary and middle-school students through various parent (PTA/PTO), school and charitable organizations. The SchoolKidz Teacher Tailored offering provides school supply kits to over 3,000 schools nationwide. SchoolKidz also operates KitsforKids.org, a program serving non-profit organizations. Organizations select KitsforKidz to provide essential goods for both educational and humanitarian purposes. During some of the recent natural disasters, SchoolKidz provisioned thousands of kits to those in need. We are based in Chicago, Illinois and serve customers nationwide. More information at https://kitsforkidz.org.


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